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Acquaintance by Mental Compatibility

Have you ever thought that it is possible to meet people purposefully, proceeding from internal needs and relying on science? It is something  that is not accepted yet.
Our Dating Agency is for those who wish to find a soulmate, who is compatible by interests, age, education and who is likeable, in a word, the partner of your dreams.
If you wish to meet with duals through the Socionic Dating Agency, please fill in and send us  questionnairy with attached photos and answers to all the questions after having defined your socionic personality type and getting an identification number in Centre of Socionics.
You can search for your duals by looking at photos in the gallery and choosing the people that attract you. 
Below each photo there is written the identification number of a person, his/her name and the year of birth. Their questionnaires are in Russian. When you will have choose the people you need, please inform us their numbers by E-mail ВЦС and we will translate their questionnare in English and send you.

Socionic Dating Agency









The requirements to photos:
Please adhere to these requirements to ensure efficient service. For definition of your socionic type, the photos should be from different periods of life: children's, school years and present. The face should be visible from the front, without glasses (e.g. passport photos).
If you cannot send an electronic version of the photos, you can send them by mail. In this case, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of the photos and the scanning charge of $3.
After definition of your socionic type you will receive:
  • Identification number;

  • Your socionic type

Contact and Bank Details
Once you found a person you are interested in you can receive their contact details after making a payment in one of the way described below and then informing us about the payment details and the identification number of the person by email to ВЦС
1. In US dollars:
In "Pravex-bank" of Kiev, Ukraine. ACCOUNT № 2625801/4100007439. The receiver: Grechynskyy Anatoliy.
2. In any currency:
By remittance to the address: 02090. Ukraine. Kiev - 90, box 48. Grechynskyy Anatoliy Yevgenovich.
3. By " Western Union ".
The receiver: Grechynskyy Anatoliy Yevgenovich. Please notify of the number and other necessary data by email ВЦС or tel. (38-044) 559-84-67.mob.+38- 096-335-35-63 .

As our life is impossible without connections with others, the majority of us do not attach great importance to acquaintance, it catches us unexpectedly when we do not wait for it. We never ask: "What should this or that acquaintance be like?". We consider that everything occurs by itself and we do not reflect, we do not put efforts for this purpose. We really get acquainted, not thinking about who we deal with.

We often casually get acquainted in transport, street situations, some sort of meeting, entertainment activities, family holidays etc. vainly giving such acquaintances some mystical value - thinking that it is a special mark of destiny. We perceive the firstcomer as a promised husband or wife, considering that God has sent him or her to us. But then after living for some time with this person we often get disappointed.

And so we choose the way of trial and error, using the intuition, attranction, or advice of others. And cannot understand, that this “water” is already muddy, erroneous, and that there are other, pure sourses of knowledge of the world and an environment. Centre of Socionics offers us to become wise and more informed and to rely not on feelings and experience, but take on the scientific validity - laws of the nature which are opened by socionics.

Why it is so difficult to find a perfect partner? Why everyone aspires to find their half, our soul wants someone, but who? “I am ready to go around the whole world to find someone...”, not knowing for certain what this someone should be like, to rely on destiny, on a lucky strike, but unfortunately only a few are lucky. Some people think that the quantity of people they know will give the quality of choice. But not always the quantity gives the desirable quality, in particular in the choice of the partner in life.

Who is your half - that dear person, unique in life, the life without who is not a life? It is the most difficult choice among any others. Here the nature seems to have played a trick on us. The soul feels that somewhere there is its half, but does not know who is it. Socionics gives this knowledge. And you can choose already among the nearest - among mentally-supplementing people - duals. Certainly, not every dual is the embodiment of your dream. Attraction, common interests, lifestyle and outlook, the level of culture, development and education, nationality, age, and even material status plays the role here. But duality is a first and deciding step in the choice of a partner, without it all other things lose sense. So, choose only among duals. And we shall help you with it.

The purpose of our activity is the expansion of opportunities of your choice of the person who becomes the friend, the partner in life, will satisfy all your needs. This choice is very responsible and serious. We guess that having already lost hope for finding such person among familiar people, for the sake of saving time or for increase of the number of possibilities of a choice of a person who would approach and supplement you, you might have even advertized in a newspaper. Indeed, by choosing a newspaper you increase your chances, as the person who advertizes has already made the decision to find someone and to create a family, or to make friends, and has already made a step towards this goal.

From all the offers received it is necessary to determine only those people who match the given parameters (appearance, physical data, hobbies etc.). Understanding the responsibility of the choice, you may write to the person who have responded to your advertisement to learn more about him, but here from their side there may be an ordinary game of words, and there is a danger to draw an incorrect conclusion about the private world of the person as he wants to make the certain impression. And this not only concerns the correspondence. Even at numerous meetings you may not learn about the person completely. Therefore, unless it is possible to know who and what is covered in such acquaintance, and what benefit and pleasure it can bring to your soul, whether it will become only a waste of time that would leave to a trail of disappointments, pain, suffering, emptiness, indifference, neglect to any person of opposite sex.

Our main task is to keep for the partners those, maiden feelings, and the attitudes to each other, which were in the first moment. However, finding a partner is not the main thing; it is more difficult for partners to keep those feelings which they had at the beginning.

Certainly, there are no such partners that would not like each other at the beginning, however, unfortunately, in the majority of cases people gradually lose those feelings.

It is usual to go other way: aspiring to find a friend to create a family, you start searching among the close ones or other people which you like. But there are difficulties. Firstly, the person chosen by you may not share your intentions to create a family, second, it needs a lot of time to learn their character, third, it is not clear whether they will treat you the same, or whether they meet with you only to find a consolation or to have a good time, simply to communicate, to have a friend.

And still, on what your attraction and the choice of the person which you think is for you is based? Is it enough to have attractive appearance, good background, nice attitude to each other, similar interests, a satisfactory financial position for the decision to choose this person? Can it be a guarantee of achievement of harmony in life with them? Have you ever thought, having chosen someone, whether you are for them, whether you supplement each other? It is almost impossible in practice that by just relying on luck you can find the person for you. Therefore, why rely on luck if there is a concrete and exact science socionics with help of which it is possible to solve all problems which arise between people.

According to the theory of this science, the human mentality is devided into 16 types, each of which has unique features and may have different sorts of the relationships with others - from the most pleasant (relations of duality, in which there is a full mental, physical and intimate compatibility) to the extremely unfavourable and irritating. And accuracy in definition of formal, friendly, professional and family relationships practically proves to be true. It is possible to say that socionics has opened a way to prediction of the destiny of a person.

Knowing socionic personality types of people who are going to enter into relationships we say with confidence what the relationships will be like, thus saving both partners from the waste of time if they do not fit each other, and it is determined for certain, and those who do not trust the science will lose, firstly a lot of time for trying to understand that it is not “their” person, secondly, a lot of energy in trying to improve somehow and adjust the relationships doomed from the very beginning, and then more energy and time to break them.

Only socionics can tell at once whether is it worthy to keep a relationship or not and of what it will be like. Socionics is really able to foresee the destiny of a person, but it has nothing in common with guessings and horoscopes, it is a science which is based on natural laws.

If you use our services we shall choose for you the person who fits you, a person with who you will have relations of duality. You know that the main supplemention in nature is the supplemention of men and women who always aspire to togetherness. Besides physical supplemention there also exists mental supplemention. You see, a person is only a 'half' in the mental state - has not only strong, but also the weak sides, and therefore needs their protection by a dual in who these sides are strong. Then both become a single whole.

So, if you are interested in creation of a strong, happy family, meeting a person who becomes a real friend, support in life (it is very easy to make a mistake in this choice), please contact us and use our services. People who have found each other are grateful to socionics for havinng happy families.

In any case irrespective of whether our services will interest you, please define your socionic personality type and demand from other person the knowledge of their type. Only in this case you have a guarantee that you will not spend time, energy and feelings in vain. To get acquainted with the person without knowledge of his socionic personality type is practically the same as to touch the elephant in full darkness - who knows, what your hand will reach and if your conclusion will be true. This knowledge is of the same important, as well as knowledge of that, the man you are or the woman. Only with this knowledge you receive an opportunity to be the happy and complete person. Your life time is limited, and it is necessary to take care of it, not spending in vain. You are the owner only then if you hold a rudder of the automobile, and imagine only, what will happen, if you let it out from hands?

At your service is the Socionic Dating Agency where the data of people of certain socionic personality type are brought, and the filled questionnaire for knowledge of concrete requirements. Entering to the Dating Agency costs $10. Your data are used only under your requirement, and term of stay is unlimited.

So, the Socionic Service of Acquaintances offers on a basis of socionics the acquaintance according to psychological compatibility which will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with people compatible to you to expand a circle of your familiars, friends to find partners for the common work and leisure or for family. By the way, among our clients are representatives of different countries. If you are interested with the characteristic of your dual – order them, and your relationships will be more harmonious - you see you will know features of the person, who is so unsimilar to you, and can avoid superfluous misunderstanding and involuntary insults. And the pleasure of dualization will not be saddened.

And without knowledge of yourself and the partner (no matter whether you are duals or not), you will spend no less than three years, and even more in learning each other better. Characteristics will promote faster achievement of the full consent and harmony among yourselves when you will feel, that began single whole and are in force to help to grow and develop each other. Those who are not duals have no future concerning harmony and progress.

We give people an opportunity to find each other for being single whole. To live happily, to be quiet and healthy (duals feed energetically each other, between them is created a favorable power field due to what they become healthy) and to feel sexual satisfaction. If people lived with duals, problems of frigidity and impotence would disappear in themselves.

Only in dual families children grow happy and healthy. Why - read in section “Family and children” an option "Theory”.


Services of acquaintances have lost their popularity because of dissatisfaction of needs of clients in selection of their half, - they offered only wider choice at absence of quality. The rating of popularity of Services of acquaintances can be renewed and increased, having offered selection of pairs, proceeding from the natural law of mental compatibility - when the person finds his half – a dual.

Centre of Socionics offers cooperation in definition of socionic personality types for qualitative acquaintance by mental compatibility.

Determine your SOCIONIC TYPE!

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