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The composition on the theme of: What has socionics deposited to my life.
Kutsina lga (sensory-logical introvert), a schoolgirl of the 10-th form, school 304.

A lot of years the scientists investigate differences and likeness of the people, their natures, acts. From an antiquity the philosophers tried to understand a world of the person. Presently psychology acquires large popularity. And I have applied to the psychologist to decide my problems, but I have received the answers not on all my problems. I also failed trying to find them in literature. Only lecture on socionics has opened a door for me to a solution of problems, which alarmed me. I have heard about socionics for the first time at school, when we were visited by the experts of Socionic Technologies and have told a lot of interesting things about the new science. But I did not pay anouph attention to it.

Some time later, when one of my girlfriends has acquainted with this field of knowledge more deeply, I have wanted to receive more information too. Almost a year has passed, and one solar day I eventually have determined my socionic type. I am a sensory-logical introvert. Having found out who I am actually, I have decided many problems, began to understand reasons of the acts and analyse them better. Knowing something few about all personality types, I know now in what way will behave extravert and introvert, the logic and ethic, sensory and intuitive, and what the brightest character traits are generic them.

The skill to distinguish the people has learned with what people it is better to be silent evading from the conflictings, or without fear to state the thought and to know that it will be support. In particular my dual can support me best of all. Dual is such a person, whom it is possible to rely on, to receive the necessary advice. In general, it is the person with whom there will be ideal relations without insults and argues. Unfortunately, I did not communicate with dual only a few time, but I shall try to be corrected. Concerning communion, which I already has with dual, it is very peculiar relations: a sheer understanding, irresponsible tendency to each other, unending talks, full frankness, impossibility to suppress something, for you know, that you will be unmasked., that is for me duality.

My advice to everybody: define, define and once again define your socionic personality type, because I want to know where are my intuitively - ethical extraverts. The definition of the personality type will help you in life, on job, in love and to find me, for as I am introvert and it is necessary for me to be found, and as I know it should be my dual.


The composition on the theme: What has socionics deposited to my life. Rosnalevich Marina (logic-sensory introvert), a schoolgirl of the 11-th form, school 304.

He and she have met..., and what is further?

We have always irresponsible (as for each person) attitude to this question what is further?. The person is born, is educated, acquaints, settles his life and lives it under his initiative in society. But sometimes he reflects, ask this question to himself but what helps to find the answer? A trouble or happiness, love or hatred, pleasant relations or their awful development. The majority want to have happiness in love, exactly in relations.

Relations between the people, nature, things. Why we react in definite way to this or that episode? Why something petty so hardly touches us? Why the word of the unfamiliar person kills us? All this explains socionics. What is a socionics? Your relations with other people will explain it best of all. Youll undestand it when you will know the structure of this fenomena. As for me, socionics opens out a space of possible in impossible, secret in unknown, risky in full confidence.

Do you know that the question what is farther troubled me always during my progressing as the personality, but not always induced me to find the answer. The answer, which has already found, but is not lead up to consciousness of many people, who are in looking for it. In looking for, what should be the person of an opposite gender, a real friend in personal, social, spiritual and even abstract... intimal life.

Socionics. This small quiet word with large loud value. And what is farther...

Search in Socionics Technologies by telephone: (044) 472-81-47.


The composition on the theme: What has socionics deposied to my life. Kyrychenko ryna (sensory-ethical introvert), a schoolgirl of the11-th form, school 304.

The science socionics has changed cardinally my thought about an environment, in particular about the relatives, friends and people, I used to communicate with. Those things and relations, which existed earlier between me and, for example, my friends in the given time are very easily explained: the information can be not perceived by your interlocutor, but this thought can be transmitted through other person with diverse relations. It is possible to avoid misunderstanding, if you know about socionics, and if you want your interlocutor to understand your words and perceive them with great pleasure or understanding them simply

If all people knew about a new science, which one is really confirmed substantially in practice, it would be possible to avoid the conflicts in families, divorces, as it seemed remarkable marriages, and the great many of orphans or wretched children in streets, you see all these are because of unhealthy relations.

There are concepts in science such as: "dual relations" and "dual". It is the person, who will completely understand you in any situation and will help if it is necessary. You will perceive it also wonderfully, as it will be the words, for which you need, wait and want to feel, instead of those, which only add you more problems for a solution.

About a science socionics I have found out at school, when the experts have visited us with the information on existing types of the people and relations between them. But only few of the pupils has interested in new achievements, and it is sad.

There are many horoscopes guessings and other things, which have urged to believe in them, but, on my opinion, if the knowledge of this science was distributed, the people should not convert to the newspapers and magazines to read about their happy or unhappy day. If you want the day has passed wonderfully, as that was yesterday, the day before yesterday and that will be tomorrow, it is necessary only your dual to be near by. In duality any problems are easily decided, the requests are done with pleasure, the pleasant relations for a very short period of time are adjusted. With the person of other personality type it is possible not only to esteem by long hours and days existing problems, but to add itself new ones.

As for me, socionics must spread among people, and it will be no necessity for arguments to trust this science. It is a pity, that a little amount of the people knows about it concerning everyone, to whom it is necessary, and it is necessary even for small children, which one would grow in love and pleasure in the families. And it is really necessary for youth in our unstable time. Who has already found out about socionics will understand me, but who is not ...


The composition on the theme What has socionics deposited to my life Korotenkova lesya (ethic-intuitive introvert), a schoolgirl of 11-th form, school 304.

Socionics is the young science, but serious enough, and it is possible to find many words to tell great thanks to an opener of it for its existence. I am sure to tell that with the help of this knowledge I eventually could look into my eyes confidently, save of internal dissents and error thought, that it is impossible to predict anything in life. The high ideals, steep demands to the partner have appeared not by dreaminess of youth, but by normal necessity, generalized in the uniform word - duality.

In the given time each event, each relations, each conflict requires analysis of reasons, instead of consequences. And each "why" has the legible answer. I can not allow myself to tell the rash word, as I know what result calls my speech in the concrete colocutor. Such approach loads once again, of course, but educates organization, enriches and develops the personality.

The communication is not a simple set of the words or your own desires to be uttered, it is the whole culture with all generic lawsome relations. I find superfluous to speak about advantages of knowledge above ignorance, especially such ones which decide an actual and eternal problem of conflictings, either internal they are, family, or come from formal relations. I think, our stress costs to remove a weight of misunderstanding, disappointments and constant disbelief in a kind beginning in the person.


The composition on the theme: What has socionics deposited to my life. Pnasenko Iryna (logic- sensory extravert), a schoolgirl of the 10-th form, school 304.

They say the childhood is a carefree time. I do not think so. It is rather the most responsible time, you see from our aimings in childhood, from the purpose, which we search in childhood all our life will depend. I am anxious in particular when I want to decide whom to become. Our teachers teaches us, what we ought to be: we must be honest, decent, kind, fair. But is is our own choise to decide whom to be. It is easier to choose an occupation those, who have their favourite subjects or hobby. But if I am interested in all subjects and have a great interest in many things, how to choose what is closer to my soul: you know our world is such miscellaneous and all is curious around... Adults advise: " If you can not do your choice, enter any university, you will have higher education, and then the life will show where to work." Or: "What is the difference whom to be, it is more important how many money you will get". They advise also to acquire any prestigious profession. Such advices are not for me. I want to have satisfactionmy job, to love my job, it is necessarily for me to have a creative job. But it is difficult to choose my own job among creative I like to draw, as well as to write compositions, and it is interesting for me to solve mathematical tasks. Physics is also interesting. Whom is it better to be: an artist, a writer, a scientist?..

And the doubts have vanished at last - everything became clear and easily for me. How I am grateful to the socionic specialists, who have revealed my own possibilities on the basis of inherent capabilities! Having opened for myself socionics I have opened a new world, The life becames more interesting for me, I feel my own forces now, became self-assured. Any more I do not aspire to impossible, do not reproach myself, that I have no those qualities, which I like in others, I do not envy. I realize, that all people have both virtue and deficiencies. Re-reading the characteristics, I know myself better and I am sure that the qualities of nature need to be developed and to be used.

I have even the list of trades, where I can show myself worth. I was given the most necessary in life the knowledge who should be the close person to be the best for marriage. It is so important don't make an error in order to avoid sufferings, pain of divorce, to make a really happy harmony family. I thought, there is only a luck which plays a role in marriage. It appears, it is possible to choose the friends, bridegroom conscientiously, having knowledge on socionics. I look for the literature on socionics now, I am interested in everything by any authors. Unfortunately, there are not enough books, and it is difficult to find them.


The composition on the theme: What has socionics deposited to my life.Bartovshchuk Anton (sensory-logical introvert), a schoolboy of the 9-th form, school 304.

What has socionics deposited to my life? These knowledges have changed me altogether. Perhaps I became cleverer. I perceive a world more deeply and more widely, I try to clear up the people, how they behave themselves and why. I understand my friends better, I argue seldom and try to avoid it, became more courageous and more frankly. I have a courage to explain my parents, also to the I account for, why I behave in such way and it is not necessary to require from me to do something that it is not inherent to me. My parents become interested in socionics too, they want to know their socionic personality type and relations.

Some time ago I thought that those of my classmates whom I do not like at all and it is unpleasant for me to communicate with them are simple bad people. Now I do not claim them, I know, that a reason of such my relations is in uncomfortable relations between us, which are objective, and nobody is guilty in such perceiving of other. Therefore I try to understand all people now. If only i can to define socionic personality types! I would have then large possibilities... I would know who can be the real friend for me, whom it is better to hold apart. This is always useful in life, will help to discover close on spirit of the people, it is pleasant to communicate with which one, which one can help and will not bring.

Now I know, what occupation it is better to choose to have a pleasant job. My parents told me when I went to the kindergarten I wanted to be the cook. Now I find in my characteristic of professional capacity in the list of trades among others occupations which fit me "culinary specialist". My soul, perhaps, felt it. And when I read the characteristic I came into elate spirit: " I felt it in myself! ". To say the truth, I felt only some of things and guessed of others which have disclosed in characteristic. Now I understand better myself, I can explain my actions. My life began more interesting for me.


The composition on the theme: What has socionics deposited to my life. Solovenko Lyudmyla (ethic-intuitive introvert), a schoolgirl of the 11-th form, school 44.

A great desire to write lines of gratitude and to tell what was an incitement to revision of my personal values has appeared after the meeting and conversation with the specialists-socionics. If that which I have experienced on myself was not so important for me and for others, I probably would not refer to specialists for further consultings. I have opened for myself a new world, when I have found out from the specialists about my possibilities and has opened for myself a science socionics. How great delight I felt when know that it is possible to explain all delicacies of human communion and to have really harmonic relations with other people with its help

It is not a secret, that early or late the person has questions: Who am I?, What does distinguish me from others?, What are others differ from me by? And the person starts to search for the answer on extremely actual and very important for the future questions. He looks at a surrounding world, at the parents, teachers, friends, familiars and even at absolutely unfamiliar people, and subconsciously tries to receive such advisable answer. His soul longs for to others, his eyes have a dealthy-still question, and his mouth uncertainly retry what it is necessary to explain. The person extends arms to the other, expecting the help because it is too difficult to clear up everything independently, but he is frequently bumped on a wall of indifference. He realizes, that he has not understood and has not encouraged. So it means nobody is need him. And what to do further? To start to convince, that he is capable in something, or to hide behind a mask of indifference? No matter what or whom he would select, one remains to be a constant - loneliness.

It is a pity, that only few of peple know about socionics, which can solve problems of self-knowledge, communion, creation of family, choice of a trade, helps to avoid an improper choice, to orient in rough today and to not lose himself in the ocean of life.

It is not a secret, that each person dreams to find "his half": the lover or friend, who would understand from the halfword, from the halflook. And to find such a person is not so easy. Somebody who have tired from unsuccessful searches, hereinafter lose the feel of an exact choice, start to take exception to the natural needs in search of the complementing person. But there are families, in which there is no place of disharmony.

I am very grateful to the specialists-socionics for having the particular answer on the problems, for the information, which is invaluable from the point of view of life and practice. It is good, that socionics solves problems, which can arise in future, in particular at creation of family, uncovering the nature of relations in family and forecasting their progressing before wedding, decides even problems of intimal-sexy complement. And if there was a conflict between the people, socionics gives the legible answer why it had happened, and what was the reason for it. How many errors are possible to avoid, how more rigorous it is possible to live our life, following to the laws of socionics!


Composition on a theme: "What has socionics brought to my life?" Popovichenko Ilona (intuitive-ethical extravert), schoolgirl of 8-th form, school 304.

Year fly by year, and and school carefree days with them too. And involuntarily you start to reflect, what trade to select on the future. You see the choice of a trade is a difficult task, and the trade is chosen for all life long. I did not know, whom I want to be, what I want to be engaged, what subjects I like more, you see everything seems such monotonous.

Socionics has helped me to open myself. Now I am completely sure in a choice of the trade and I know, that the humanities are more suitable and more easy given to me, than mathematical sciences, that I have something which I did not notice, for example, though I hate a subject of chemistry, I could be the good doctor, but not a surgeon, but a therapist - the doctor who treats fasterby a word, rather than medicines.

Socionics has helped me to understand what friends I need, with whom it is easier to communicate for me, and in particular, has prompted, what can be my partner in life. Socionics opens not only the person, his opportunities, special features, knowledge of himself, but also the information on world around, the culture of dialogue.

Asking some friends about this science, I am surprised, that they do not know at all, that such science exists, and it is very annoying. You see each person with the help of socionics has an opportunity to open in itself that talent about which he maybe, even never guessed. And the person has to to open and give people his talent, and in general himself.




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