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Sensory (Sensing)

The person with such sign perceives surrounding world through the mental and physical feels, lives as though by one organism with the nature. The state of health depends on variations in a weather. Feels harmony of the nature: its colors, fields, forests, rivers, animals etc.

Such person reacts keenly on the tone of a voice, gustatory qualities, has developed tactile feels and the eyesight, selects subtly tints of color. He arranges his forces, worns of fatigue, fevers, chill, probable illness, takes care of health. He determines his own illnesses as well as other.

Such a person notices events, which take place at present, seizing them perfunctory. He easily focuses his attention and can retain a view on one or several subjects for a long time. He gives the material shape to each phenomen in the nature. He is engaged in useful domestic matters for creation of comfort and convenience. He knows how to care, to give the effective material help.

He feels a profit from his work and use, which other people bring in practical things. He will not wait while someone will give something. If he wants to have something he wants to have it just "now and here". He knows already today where it is possible to take indispensable and to use it. Therefore he often considers that has the right to be the master of any situation, on any territory, and in addition will preserve and defend it. The same proprietary qualities take place also in relations with a person.

As to clothing he selects only such things which are personally pleasant, he is courageous in his own chose of style, puts on with original taste, not imitating others and not following to a fashion, gives freedom to others to have own taste and own choice. Such person demands a lot of attention to itself, wants permanently to be at the center of any events. He holds on to thought, that "it is better to see once, than to hear hundred times".

He is not engaged in advancing, reitrates the debugged operatings, starting all anew. He feels satisfaction making something by the arms. His motto is "closer to matter". He concentrates his attention on such thing which he is doing in the given moment, not troubling, what will happened then, moreover, he sooner does something than thinks of it. He chose that activity, where there is a constructibility and quick visible result. He possesses the facts and figures instead of ideas and abstract theories.

He accepts any message word by word. He tells everything legiblly, concrete, simply, in detail. He is concentrated on the problem, if nothing burden him, when he has a posibility to feel comfortable in physical and mental condition, when the work is integral and objective, conveniently planned. 



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