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Rationality (Judging)

The person who has such sign, makes leveled rhythm of life in consecutive order. He subordinates all actions of a definite succession, decomposes everything in own definite order. He follows by a definite way, iIt is difficult to make change his mind. He usualy plans his actions beforehand and in each situation follows his plan or schema. He legiblly imagines what will do during a day. But if it is necessary to rebuilt under the the inflected conditions and circumstances he straines, making a lot of efforts, for is disturbed the measure of actions. Therefore it often happens, that the circumstances have already changed but the person prolongs to think and to act according to the pre-positioned plan, that results him in due course in blind corner. It is possible to call it as peculiar "bit seizure".

He will not do several acts synchronously, he works without changing the marked plan, therefore he starts new operation only after completion the previous one, othevise it beats him out from a track. He stands ostinately on his own, does not revise his stands, tends to be the a master of a position. He holds on to principles, established rules and norms, respects traditions and customs. He follows his own understanding in everything, if he has already judgement on the person, perceives him like he thinks about him, instead of perceiving him according to his behavior. The words: "The Person in a case" are about the rational person.

He sets the operating instructions, does not search for new methods and alternatives, does not charge himself with new situations, gives advantage to the old tested ways, for he is a little conservative.

He insists on timeliness beginning of implementation of operation, he wants the operation to be carried out methodically, sequentially. He abides the order, he is punctual, accurate, precise and hopes to find these qualities in others. He puts each thing on its own place and wants to see it right there. He writes down about things which should make, sometimes writes a diary. He holds on to the order on the job and at home, irritates when somebody sidetracks him.

Rational rerson has his own style, which is characterized by regularity and constancy. Any unplanned variation can call rough reaction.




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