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Training in Ukrainian Centre of Socionics

If you want to know socionics or to become the professional of socionics you can get knowledge in Ukrainian Centre of Socionics. It is not difficult to study socionics, it is accessible to everyone.

Those who aspires to study socionics, we offer training where there is an opportunity to get practical skills for definition of socionic personality types. If you really want to become the professional, it is necessary to have serious training, you see mentality of a person is the most thin substance.

A skill to define socionic personality types correctly is the main and the heaviest thing in socionics. Technologies of 100-percentage correct definition of types are only in Centre of Socionics. Wrong definition of personality types results in awful consequences: the disoriented person loses his image, inadequately perceives an environment, makes mistakes at a choice of work and partners that may be the reason of mental illnesses. 

We do not give out the document without passing an examination. It is necessary to pass a full rate of studying of socionics and practical definition of socionic personality type and to have 3-year operational experience for reception of the Certificate.

The Centre expands staff of employees, and you will have an opportunity to conclude the contract on business partnership and cooperation after training, irrespective of your residence. At the beginning we will be the curator by your work during three years. Further you will work independently.

If you do not live in Kiev, and have desire to pass a rate of direct training, you may arrive to Kiev, we have opportunity to give you a separate room with payment of 10 dollar a day and your studying of new technologies by definition of socionic types will be more effective.

Term of training is not rigid. According to your desire you may receive more a profound knowledge at a lot of hours. Bases of theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught for a curriculum, which cost and term are specified in the table.

The name of kinds of training

Price $ for



Physical persons

Legal persons



Theoretical and practical lessons on studying socionics:


1) Individual (1 person for 1 hour)

15 $

30 $

36 hours


2) Group twice per one week for two hours (1 person for 1 hour)

10 $

20 $

36 hours


Training to definition of personality types on technology of Ukrainian Socionic Centre


1) Individual (1 person for 1 hour)

15 $

30 $

32 hours


2) Group twice per one week for two hours (1 person for 1 hour)

10 $

20 $

32 hours


Training to practical skills to define own duals


1) Individual (1 person for 1 hour)

20 $

40 $

4 hours


Individual consultations



1 hour

 The didactic material is given under condition of its non-distribution. Copyrights are protected.


It will be carried out in the form of interview. The Cost of passing an examination is equated to cost of individual consultation. Minimal time of interview is half an hour. It will be check of practical skills in definition of socionic personality types. The Certificate of the expert-socionic is given. The right of delivery of the examination can be received only after 3-d year of training.

After passing an examination if you will define socionic personality types independently under 3 years curatoring of the Centre of Socionics and will render services to the population, you may get from us characteristics behind their cost according to the common services.

As characteristics and all printed information is protected by copyright certificate 4714 and is the property of the Centre of Socionics, you may sell it customer with payment to the Centre of 50 % of their cost. Infringement of rights of the intellectual property is pursued under the law.


We offer a course of socionics to educational institutions and Universities, duration on 3 and 5 years. The course may be facultative and under the curriculum. The form of teaching can be day time, evening and in absentia. Entering of a course of socionics in curricula is necessary for all humanitarian specialities. There is prepared for printing the textbook Theoretical Socionics and in a stage of development is the textbook Practical Socionics. We announce the competition of reviewers

Please address all offers concerning the organization of training to General director of Centre of Socionics Anatoly Grechynsky.

On training of socionics UNDER the INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM

__ _______________ 2002 Kiev

Ukrainian Centre of Socionics Scientific-Enlightment Institute Socionics Technologies, working on the basis of the charter in futher the Management, on behalf of General director Grechinskyy Anatoliy Evgenovich, and of a citizen further the Pupil in the person ___________________________________ have concluded the given Contract on the following:

  1. Subject of the Contract

1.1. The Management fulfill the obligation to carry out a course of theoretical-practical lessons and the Pupil satisfies all conditions of the contract.

2. The contract on training

2.1. Training will be carried out individually.
3. Rights and duties of the sides
3.1. The Management undertakes to give knowledge according to the given Contract.
3.2. The Management undertakes to attach to definition of socionic types of customers of the Company.
3.3. The Pupil during action of the contract, and at the ending of term training undertakes to not distribute the information which has received during training for three years. In case of disclosure of professional secrets of the Company, an action will bring against the Pupil.
3.4. The pupil undertakes to not practise independent definition of socionic types without the permission of the Management.
3.5. Pupil receives compensation of 10 percents from cost of the order at attraction of citizens to definition of socionic types.
3.6. Pupil receives the salary -10 percents from the profit of the Company at performance of additional works as agreed with the Management.
3.7. The Management undertakes to give the document Sertificate on training definition of socionic types at the RIC Socionic Technologies granting of qualification of the expert - socionic.
3.8. The Management undertakes to give a workplace at the Company according to opportunities on the ending of training.

4. Special conditions of the Contract

3.1. In case of non-observance of the above-stated obligations of one of the sides the contract is broken off.
3.2. If the contract is broken off on fault of the Pupil: moral losses at a rate of cost of 5 examinations are compensated.
3.3. If the contract is broken off on fault of the Management:
The worker operates according to the legislation of Ukraine.

5. Final provisions

4.1. Changes and addition to the contract are brought in writing form signed by both sides.
4.2. The contract is made in duplicate which have an identical validity.
4.3. The contract inures from the moment of its signing.

6. Legal addresses and essential elements of the sides



RIC Socionic Technologies


Juridical addresses: Kyivska region,


Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky district,

The second name:

V. Petropavlivska Borshchagivka


Lenina, 27 street.


Tel.: (38-044) 559-84-67, 
mob.+38- 096-335-35-63

The passport

/ 26000030815001 in Interbank",



__ ___________ 2005

Code E 20574915


6. Signatures of the sides



General director Grechinsky Anatoly







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