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Letter of recommendation from school №304 on support of the project "World of Harmony"

The school has concluded with the Scientific Institute "Socionic Technologies" the treaty on cooperation №2 from November 25, 1998. The specialists have held some lectures and have determined socionic types of senior pupils and class principals. There were given the documents to 350 schoolboys of 8-th – 11-th forms and to 22 class principals. The specialists of the company have done the real practical help to the teachers in adjustment of relations with the pupils, in understanding their natural inclinations and features of behavior, character traits, in realization of the individual approach to the pupils.

Pupils have turned to the specialists of the company with the questions and problems and had individual consultations. The pupils of our school are grateful for the psychological help of specialists of the company, which has attached them selfassurance, has assisted to the growth of the personality, has routed in composite situations, has shown the reasons of different relations in class groups, between friends and within a family. The children also are grateful for the recommendations concerning professional orientation. An overwhelming majority of the graduates of 1999 have chosen a direction of the future activity according to the recommendations of the specialists of “Socionic Technologies”. Their parents are grateful for results of the work.

The pedagogical staff of school is interested in constant work of the specialists of the company with pedagogical staff and pupils of our school, and for development of condition of studying to do such work in other schools. Therefore it is necessary to finance the project "World of Harmony". The broad realization of this project will allow to improve conditions of educational process for the pupils and for the teachers, to achieve the best result in education of children by means of improving a psychological climate, growth of each personality in an exact direction, that will improve the quality of studying and favour tthe positive development of society.

The leader of the project is the director of the Scientific Enlightment Institute "Socionic Technologies" Grechynskyy Anatoliy Yevgenovich. He is active, vigorous, targeted, knows what it is necessary to do and reaches the aim. He works operatively and leads up the matter to the end. He is a psychologist-practician, the professional of the matter, he is engaged in practical socionics. The enthusiast, decisive to cardinal actions, embodies today outlook of the future. He is ready to help to each person in a solution of his problems. He writes in newspaper publications about the problems of education, teaching, individual direction of the personality. He considers his main task is the help children to do a choice of a trade and preference in looking for friends. He is devoted to matter, and aspires to realize the project "World of Harmony". He is reliable and polite in contact to the people. He can easily adjusts and maintains dialogue in a positive manner. He is hardworking, does not accept gages of thinking, stereotypes, gives a possibility to every person to realise themselves. He wants our society to be advanced and harmony.

School principal is interested in an effective work of the “Socionic Technologies” and asks of support the project "World of Harmony".

The principal of school 304 N. P. Kuzyshyna 

The address of school: Uborevicha street, 21-A, Kiev - 179, Ukraine, 03179.Tel.: (38-044)444-72-29. 



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