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Logic (Thinking)

Such person exposes everything to logical analysis, esteems all phenomena through relationships of cause and effect - discovers reasons in everything, which result in these or those consequences, feels intercouplings. Analyzing everything he comes to independent conclusions. His favourite question is "Why?", so he searches constantly the answers on it.

Abstracting he demonstrates events in their intercoupling. He tends to have knowledge almost in everything, aspires to knowledge. He watches the development of thinking of a person, clearness of formulation of thought, skill to plot the concludings. If someone makes an error, he explains a true state of things, does not taking into account the person's feelings. He can affirm, approve, insist on his own point of view in a theme of talk looking for true. He defends his views, does not changing the point of view. Following to feeling of internal justice he considers he is right in everything by logically well-reasoned speach. He understands regularity of intercoupling of things and compares it to own concept of correctness.

He comes to the deduction not at once but step-by-step, fully premeditates each step of his operatings for determination of a final solution. He can not give at once the answer on serious questions, he needs the time for premeditating and ripen, sometimes it is necessary even about three days for it. He starts to do something when everything will be weigh, when it will be determined precisely what place will be baffled to this or that subject or person. He makes everything to the full completing moment and does not keep any work unfinished. He does not trust those people, who tell that it is possible to begin any matter quickly.

He explains any malfunctions in production, emergency or accidents by troubles, subquality work and imperfection of mashinery or aggregates, as unexpected malfunction of engineering parts, but he does not consider that a reason to this can be errors of people.

If he does not agree with others' views he rather will tell about it without delay, than will keep silent and will allow people to think that they are right. He does not hesitate to tell if someone or something is not pleasant for him. Therefore it happens sometimes he can be impudent not wishing that. It is always important for him to know: it is correctly or abnormally, it is clever or unreasonably, it is fair or unfairly, it is truthful or wrong, it is logical or it is illogical. Therefore it is impossible to knock down him from a thought.

Logic person often remains quiet and constrained in emotionally rough situations, at internal experiences keeping exterior coldness.

He is not sure of others' feelings therefore feels difficulties in interpersonal relations. He does not understand the another's conflictings, does not understand an internal world of the person.

While working he can compound a general picture from small parts, mechanisms from different parts, solves puzzles with artful secrets, understands and uses the drawings, schemas, searches for link in a succession of particular things.

He appreciates competence and knowledge and tends to them, examines possibilities by objective analysis. 



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