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Darling or dual

Socionics has shown essence of duality and of a dual. And what about love? We admire, we lose common sense, we seem to ourselves as we are the masters of a world, the enemies fade, each casual person is perceived as the friend, we contrast condescension to nonconfidence of others, we do things, which can bodily change our life, there are no encumbrances for us: everything is possible, everything is overcomed, and it can not be differently, because we love. The person whom we love is our ideal, that image which is created by our imagination and we know, that we shall excuse him any mismatches, whims, and we excuse...

We accept the favourite person, as he settles us, fits our image and needs. Unforeseeness of appearance in an image of irrelevant qualities cause the pain and shatters an image which results in misunderstanding. This image is a stereotype of the theoretical partner, and when the chosen person does not fit it the image is shattered, so love is not held.

The person always searches for positive qualities in the other, and wheh he has not received them, starts to pay attention only on negative ones. And how much the person tries to return the lost feels or to change himself and his friend he can not revert the past, and it is impossible to correct a situation. The existence together lasts on flywheel action on former feelings and memories of those pleasant moments, which linked them in their love.

The partners have adjoined to an actuality of life. The necessity to clear up where they have lost one another occures. A reason of it is that we lose contact with ourselves and we do not give a possibility to experience pleasure in share life to the other, when we act in a contradiction to our own desire to have the ideal partner. Who is an ideal partner? It is our dual. Both concepts of love and the duality have related values, love without duality is not love.

It is possible to fall in love with anybody. It often happens to be enough of one view on somebody's appearance, that there can appear love and sexual passion with it. You see there is not only mental and physical complementability, as a person is like a half both physicaly and mentaly. In a state of love both the partner seems ideal and relations seem pleasant. But there is a saying and not in vain: "It is one pitch from love to hatred". At further closer interplays at communication misunderstanding, tension, awkwardness, nervousness bedin, it seems, that we are neither understood no percepted. It happens because the information is transmitted and is perceived inadequately. We say one thing but they understand us differently. Our favourites are not guilty in it, they simple expect another words, and put in our own words distinctive from ours concept. On the same indorsements the reacting can be absolutely different. Each of the partners has definite, characteristic for him behavior. And in matrimonial life, when between the partners the cooperation and definite responsibilitiess is indispensable, there are disappointments, which carry on to mutual disposal and understanding, that you live, unfortunately, with not that person whom you need. Partners still think for definite time that they can get accustomed, but in vain.

There are no such problems for duals.

Of course, the duality is not a panacea, it is only the first step to creation of complementary relations. And then there are not less significant factors which influence on development of relations: intellectual, social, culture, financial state and so on.

Socionics does not put feelings in any frameworks, and define love as feeling, where there is knowledge of the partner and ourselves, culture of communion for harmony in relations, care, responsibility, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual aid, interpenetration and many other “mutual”. It means wholy the mental complementability of two people. Just it gives them a possibility to realise themselves, to overcome all barriers on the way to full harmony.

Refined and rich by various sensations sex is possible only between duals. The power exchange at dialogue which is felt as emotional pleasure, amplifies by scale of feelings at simple touch – you need only to take for a hand, or accidentally to touch, as the pleasant warm wave of remarkable energy covers, penetrates a body and warms soul. Such sexual sensations can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere. Is unless it possible to describe boundless scale of sensations at dearness?.. It is possible to be convinced in it really only with a dual when not only bodies, but both souls sing in harmony. And each sensation is not similar on previous, - such sex does not exhaust itself and does not bother, does not tire, but sates. A variety and novelty each time. A high-grade power exchange sanitates a body and a soul. The bottomless world of boundless pleasure and inexpressible sensations is opened the more widely and more deeply. But the most important is the liberty, there is no constraint, fear, that you do something wrong, thoughts display sensations, imaginations do not have borders. And vigour goes in feeling of languor, pleasant slackness, sweet exhaustion which passes again rise of power. The pleasure of sex is not in technique and not in the physical data, but in boundless in their variety sensations.

Those who once fell in embraces of dual, would not want the other partner. And if there is a true love, it can be only with a dual.




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