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Irrationality (Perceiving)

Having such sign the person quickly accepts and values a situation. But he does not come into it at once, some time looks narrowly at the created conditions, only then makes a choice. He will not hurry with the conclusions: to reach something, it is necessary for him to ripen and to feel an internal jerk: "it is time". If he accepts a situation, it is easy for him to find his own place. Due to his impulsiveness and flexibility he easy tailored for nonconstant circumstances. He considers that a development of events will put everything on the places. In a desperate situation he does not loose himself and does not depend on confluences of circumstances, he easy does smoothly varying transferring and goes out of it. He demonstrates diverse alternatives, stages of a development of events. if it is necessary to leave from an uncomfortable situation, he acts even more quickly, and stopes to be active as soon as purpose is reached.

He can hold down some situations under check. He selects at present moment the most effective situation, the most optimal one and changes one plans by others if it is necessary. He starts to do synchronously several matters, does them simutaneously, begining with one matter and switching over to the other, successfully completing everything. As a rule he acts according to a situation and does not overstrain himself with the plans and terms of implementation of operations. He easily goes on mutual concessions.

He never prepares for any matter beforehand. never retries in operation, do everything extempore. He can delay with matters, sidetrack them to the last minute, relying on his inspiration, the skill to improvise, or happy case. He tries to find new, unusual methods and does not use the old ones.

The abstractions during operation do not foil. All operatings depend on his mood, and the smallest jerk becomes a source of inspiration absorbing in a matter, thus the pace of work is inflected. Having undergone defections he easily switch over to something else. Thus undertakes a great many of matters, which are even little bound among themselves.

He ignores conventional traditions, rigid systems, rules and standard routines. The necessity to hold on to the plan steadily disturbs him. He manages well with sudden and extreme situations. He bents to looking for alternatives and miscellaneous approaches. At a solution of a problem he discovers multi-variant approach. He respects the order, but it is pleasant for him to convert each work into an entertainment, if the work is uninteresting it loses its sense.

The indorsement for fruitful life is everything which can bring novelty and variety. The sudden random variations during a day promote capacity for work, for he requires a choice of operatings, probable alternatives of behavior, relationships between the people, phenomena, things. The extreme situations inspire him and if it is necessary he works with availability also in after-hour time.




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