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An intuitive person has a habit to think at once of several things, which could not exist presently but can emerse in due course. A person of such kind streches his imagination to the future, shedules and envisions prospects for the development of events, for he becomes more profound in essence of the phenomena. He considers that the future intrigues rather than disturbs, he is more interested in future events instead of present ones. He gives a freedom to creative fabrications, imagination. The not realized feel of intuition enables him to retrieve new ideas, which bump on exact actions. Such man can quite unexpectedly invent something, having opened what did not exist yet. He discovers the answers to problems by a method of a guess, thus not possessing justified, sufficient fact. He distinguishes shadows of odours, because he has well developed nose. He also has a good ear, he perceives subtle tembre and the least sound effects. He observes events, which develop in time, fees their internal grounds.

Such person is abstract, reflects, therefore he mekes an impression is piled, that as though he is torn off from an actuality, is not present in the given moment, not attentive and ostensibly is airy-fairy. He simply sees what is concealed from other, has the dismissive view, and seldom looks at the person directly in his eyes. It is difficult for intuitive person to hold in intently the view on a particular subject for the long time. If he have concentrated, penetrates into essence of things - whether it is event, or an internal world and possibilities of the person, whether scientific thought, theory, hypothesis. In general, he accentuates not on appearance but seizes essence, potentials, internal qualities. He has excellent abstract thinking, imagination and discernment.

He is very inquisitive, interests, how things are created and how they work, trying to detect intercoupling between things. He permanently improvises, devises new receptions and never retries.

Such person understands and invents pansand wordplays. As a rule he gives the general on questions do not attaching concretenesses and detail and tends to escape small, petty parts. He pays attention to huge pieces? How any of: a situation influences on the people and on matters. He knows how to solve problems and can easily solve them. demonstrates accessible alternatives for reaching results in the future. In their best manifestation all intuitive people are the creators of something new, set the aims before themselves and are capable to see an perspective in situations, which can seem to other remediless.




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