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Introvertion (I)

The person with such quality has a cautious attitude to different variations, such as to new undertakings, acquaintances and so on. He tries to escape them, tends to stability. It is usually the quiet, ballanced, imperturbable, friendly person. He does not uncovers the internal world, his own vision and conceptions at once, for the thoughts and feelings almost always disguises, and what such person has pronounced are not all. He searches for a place, where it is possible to leave in himself and to save firm internal rest and comfort. He checks up, as far as enclosing coincides his state and mood.

Introvert longs to a leveled rhythm of life, does not suffer crowd, loud compliments, superfluous noise, scandals, appearance of the undesirable people. He quickly becomes tired of obsessional company because he requires a seclusion, possibility to stay alone. He considers it is best rest. He draws inspiration from an own internal world being sunk in feelings, meditation. He properly reflects on all matters, does not jumping to conclusions. He prefers doing it in written form more than orally.

He perceives a person not due to his qualities of nature, but according to his relation to himself, and as far as he is pleasant or unpleasant. Thus loses in himself vision in the other person of his true qualities. He adjust his internal world to surroundings. He always want to attract the attention to himself andfeel own significance. When it is lack of attention he feels useless, becomes more close. He becomes attached to people who are abble to evaluate his nature. He is rather silent and modest. He can be talkative only in close circle of friends where he becomes frank and sincery. Therefore he limitates himself by old familiars. He feels more comfortable, when the colocutor starts to talk first.

He is more bent to observation, than to immediate actions. Therefore not at once address himself to fulfil a task. Introvert is slow, has lact of initiative, nevertheless if it is necessary he is capable to make more than it was expected from him. He can easily do the work alone and on one place.

He has rather developed feeling of obligation, which one allows to work well according to regulations, indications and under the direction. He works legiblly, not hurrying up and tries to do it best of all and in the most effective way. In activity extends his knowledge, improve his skills and professionalism. He considers, that it is best to be obligatory, therefore he does not rebel against conventional norms, even if internally disagrees with them, because he can not change them; the major and pleasant words are "necessary" and "should be".

Introvert does not show himself as a leader and can not be him, as he is afraid of the responsibility and perceives it as punishment, at any eligible case tends to hand it over to other. He does not change relations but keeps, improves and perfects them. Therefore he does not always speaks what he thinks and what he wants to tell in order to not damage already existing relations, because he has put much own efforts in them.

If somebody does not allow to act at his will, he perceives it as infringement of own freedom, which is for him a seclusion. He lives by his internal world, relying on the own conclusions. He trusts a little in success of his work. In some way he is egocentrist.




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