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A person of such kind is a mixure. He is open, sociable, freely, easily feels in any surrounding, easily makes new friends or adapts to a new group. He has a lot of friends and aqcuaintances, he is interested in new people. The more he communicates the better he feels, so he is often talkative. He is apt to start communicating. The person dominates to some extend in conversation, inspiring the others. But he is selective choosing people for communication.

He does not impose himself and conceal his thoughts. Person of such kind frankly and fairly speaks about what he thinks, instead of the things other people would like to hear. Such style of behavior encourages other people to express themselves. The extravert expects to have easy and unchained relations with others. He wants to learn more about others then to tell about himself. He needs to discuss problems in order to solve them. Disscussion is necessary for him to formulate his thoughts. He compares his own opinions with the opinions of others.

Extravert is interesting in what is happening around him. He is usually knowlegable about resent events, especially those connected with his acquiantances' life. He is constantly in search of innovations, he is like an engine of progress. The person does not suppress himself and others when creating or introducing something new. He is good at solving problems, he is able to find the best way-out. He is a vigorous person, mobile in any situation. He has ability to make the most boring job interesting.

The extravert takes part in the events, which stimulate him, inspire and gim vigour to act. The more people around him the easier and more freely he feels. He renders assistance without any doubts and even feel pleasure when taking initiative. He tends to find people who needs support, reassure and takes care of them. He solves personal problems independently not shifting them on anybody. He has well-developed feel of responsibility for everybody and everything therefore unsolved problems does not exist for him.

The extravert is a leader by nature. He acts effectively in extreme conditions, manages crutial situations and achives settled aim. Permanently shows initiative, therefore can not be constantly busy with routin work, expends sphera of his activity. He inspires other people to create, to work.

He never falls in despair because alterations of life encourage him. The extravert can not adapt himself to others, does not thrust himself and bore others. He easily breaks unwanted relations. If a partner does not satisfy leave him instead of changing, because never break essence of the person. Such a person accepts people what they are.

The extravert is decisive and courageous in settling and security of his concerns and ideas, bent to the straight and frank expression of his own views. He can invent different contrivances and involve others to them. He knows how to carry people from carefree rest, can mobilize the partner and calm down, when a problem is solved.




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