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Ethic (Feeling)

The person, having such sign, feels an emotional state of surroudings, their spiritual experiences, feelings, worrying, pleasure, joy or pain. He gives a prime role to a person in any circumstances, longs for to him, never refuses oh any request, tends to not damage him, baffles from disputes, quarrels, tries to settle all things. He does not get tired in communion, adjusts relations. He allows for feelings of other people, maintains kind mood, reacts to a delicacy of jokes, humour. He appreciates capacities, uncovers of the people and sees possibilities of the person, can be diplomatic with him and appreciates this quality in others.

He uses the pleasant words, tries to unite and rally people. He calms and comforts the person, if he becomes strained, irritative or angry. He reacts keenly on disregard, scorn, immorality, humiliating, insult caddish attitude to somebody, does not suffer it. He asks an apology at once, or takes back his words if his jokes have offended someone. He defends, advocates and demonstrates dignity of a person, his social status, spiritual development, showing of mental state and worries for him.

Preserving moral, he feels, demonstrates and values behavior of everybody. He characterizes behavior of the person from the point of view of the rules of ethics, according to his thoughts, habits, manners, acts. He knows how to gain somebody, to convince, to persuade, enter in confidence, to like, and also to disclose different feelings, premeditations, falseness, lie, fraud, toadyism.

The softness, friendliness, keenness, mildness, judiciousness is generic in such person. He tries to satisfy the requirements of a person even by his own health. He knows exactly, what who wants or does not want, acts of other people estimates in categories “well” or “bad”, it is necessary or not, it is humane or unhuman, it is honestly or dishonestly.

In work routes others by his friendliness and care, instead of criticism and remarks. He incurs an obligation in solutions of ethical problems. He values and keeps relationships, constructs a comfortable climate in collective, assists reinforcing of working spirit. He thinks that reasons of deficiencies are not in imperfections of engineering, but in unskillfulness of a person, who does not know the matter well.

He never insults and does not like to make remarks. He does not hold out the tight psychological situations. The nervous circumstances in activity foil him to exhibit his capacities.




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